I Went Viral and Almost Lost my Business | A Comeback Story

noviembre 20, 2021 in Uncategorized

I Went Viral and Almost Lost my Business | A Comeback Story


My Work Through Failure (WTF) Story is a series where entrepreneurs and small business owners talk about a moment from their past that made them reassess everything and say: «WTF!?!» Join us every Wednesday as we talk about moments of failing forward and what these founders did to overcome it.

Having a product reach viral levels of fame sounds like a dream, right? Wrong. When Saint Chic’s «Paparazzi Visor» reached viral status it turned founder Gingie McLeod’s life into a nightmare. At first, Gingie was basking in the success of her visor. She was fielding several calls a day and her biggest problem was keeping up with the high volume of orders. However, as the seasons changed and the cold weather came, Saint Chic’s sales also cooled down. The brand’s sales dwindled so much that Gingie found herself at the brink of losing Saint Chic. One day, as Gingie scrolled through Instagram, she noticed a trend that could potentially save her business. As a last resort, she set out to put that trend into action.

Was Gingie McLeod’s hunch able to save Saint Chic? Watch this week’s My WTF Story to find out.

Learn more about Saint Chic: https://utm.io/unsR
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